friday favorites: heat wave

It's been a cool 90+ in the district this past week & other than wishing myself to the nearest pool I'm doing a bit of daydreaming about fall & the corresponding appropriate attire. Yes, I said it. Fall. The beach is great fun & who doesn't love a solid grilling day at the pool but I, my friends, am a fall & football lovin' girl. Born & raised in the DC area, I'm no stranger to our sweltering summers but now that we don't get a summer break it's just not as cute as it used to be. Just two more months until I can wear jackets. Come on fall...

Photos via Pinterest


  1. Love these looks! You're my Friday Favorite - and every other day of the week, too! :)

  2. Fall is definitely my favorite season... (maybe because I associate it with IU tailgating/football??) Seriously, though, I LOVE fall fashions and the temperatures are just perfect! Ahhhhh you have me all sorts of excited about it now! Can't wait!

    xoxo, me

  3. I totally thought Rosie was you. I was like, "Damn, girl, where'd you get that jacket?"

  4. i LOVE fall! my favorite season for sure! this hot weather is def already making me reading for scarves and oversized hoodies & leggings & boots! {can you tell i love it} ha



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