a christmas story

At this point, even my Christmas shopping is finished so godspeed to those of you still on the road today. A word to the wise: Avoid Tysons. 
We're hours out, folks. Hours out from my most favorite day which always seems to go by a little more quickly every year. When my brother & I were younger we'd spend hours talking about what we'd leave for Santa & how we'd sneak attack the presents under the tree in the morning. There was only one way to get downstairs but that didn't stop us from constructing a brightly colored map year after year.
As we get older, Christmas day is celebrated weeks early with family members that live far away, for multiple days with friends that share the same affinity for Elf & twinkle lights, & up until New Years with the ones that have been traveling. Christmas day is something so different than it used to be. I so enjoy holding on to little pieces that are the same but I wouldn't give up these new celebrations & traditions for the world.

Old or new, what are your favorite holiday traditions?

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