l'eau de dc

When I discovered Nomaterra I was instantly hooked. Not only are their fragrances fresh & one of a kind, the company is green conscious which is something that, as a hybrid owner, I can get on board with. As if that wasn't enough, they launched their brand with signature fragrance: Washington, DC. A match made in fragrance heaven.

Nomaterra's recyclable packaging is something I have yet to see in the fragrance industry & hope to see much more of in the future. Their current fragrances are produced right here in the US of A in Brooklyn, NY. Their bottles are part of a sustainability initiative—rather than tossing the bottle once you're through, you recycle the inner glass piece & replace it with the refill already included in your package. How cool?

As an avid traveler I cannot wait to try out their fragrance wipes available February 2013. Fragrances East Hampton & Miami will also be released next month as well. Although we all know which scent this DC native is sticking with.

photo via nomaterra

Interested in checking out Nomaterra first hand? Join me for their launch party on February 1 at Tabula Rasa. Co-host Lara Ramos, DJ Phenomenon & the Nomaterra crew will be kicking off the evening at 7pm. Please RSVP to admin@nomaterra.com 

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  1. I have to ask, what does this DC-themed fragrance smell like?


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