carrie for a day

Disliking the shortage of outfit posts? Me too. But when your photographer is on the road it's hard to make that magic happen on your own. Although I could always scout a hipster on U Street. Yep. That sounds like a stellar plan. I'll get back to you with how that works out...
For now, here's a little bit of life lately via my iPhone. & don't forget to check back in tomorrow for an OUTFIT POST. Seriously. I wouldn't toy with your emotions like that.

Yes, that is John Corbett. We're basically best friends. Nbd.


  1. I'm sorry ... WHAT? John Corbett?? Panty fuggin dropper.

  2. I hope you wear something cute to the pig roast this weekend. I may or may not know of a photographer type person who could take a few pictures of you enjoying some grub. :)

  3. You can always hit me up for photos while your photog is off and away!


  4. First time commenter here- I'm from the area so I appreciate your local references (From Annapolis, live in Baltimore, have 4 best friends that live in DC and frequent the area often) and love posts like these! I like glimpses into blogger's lives! But I also love your outfit posts!


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