state of sparkle: from blogger to wordpress

When I started this sweet little blog of mine, Blogger was right up my alley & exactly what I needed to get me on my merry way. Now that District Sparkle is just shy of its first birthday I thought it best for a little upgrade. I've recently made the transition to Wordpress which, I feel, meets my needs more appropriately & gives me the creative freedom that I need to continue blogging. I want to thank everyone for their helpful tips & tricks when it came to the migration & would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have about a switcheroo of your own.
The domain here at Blogger has always been districtsparkle.blogspot.com. To continue getting your daily dose of all that sparkles in that nation's capital please update your Google Reader to reflect District Sparkle's new domain on Wordpress:

I'm still working out a few kinks over on Wordpress but posts will continue daily - the sidebar just isn't as fabulous as it should be at the moment :)

Leave any & all comments you have re help with migration here as this post will not transition over to the new domain.

Wordpress hollaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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