[monday must-haves] JEWELIQ

Fresh summer colors, stackable arm candy, versatile + classic pieces, & of course, sparkle - my new favorite, JEWELIQ has it all. From outfit posts to casual summer brunches to nights out on the town, JEWELIQ makes the cut for me with their amazing & affordable pieces. For under $25 get your favorites delivered to your doorstep. & the best part? Free shipping. Always. Head on over to JEWELIQ, treat yourself to something sparkly this Monday morning & celebrate like you mean it when that little box of love shows up on your front porch.


  1. Oooo lala. I love deliveries. In college, no one ever sent me mail, so I signed up for every cataloge known to man just so I would get something in my mailbox.
    Damn I'm popular.

  2. Oh I'm in love!!! That Stella necklace is gorgeous & need it! Saw some other cute bangles online & they were beautiful. Will have to look into getting myself a piece.


  3. Is this place connected to BaubleBar at all? I only ask because some of the pieces on their site are also on BaubleBar's site?

  4. How have I not heard about this yet?? Soo many cute things and such great prices! Seriously thanks for sharing, placing an order now!

  5. LOVE every piece! And you! :) Haven't heard of them so thanks for sharing!

    Hope you have a great week!

    It's an Easy Life


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