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Today, we've got a little purse purge action coming to you all the way from NOLA! I'm beyond thrilled to introduce you to Amanda Raborn, blogger behind It's an Easy Life, cupcake, pie, & muffin enthusiast & lifelong friend that I have met through the blogosphere. Now let's get to the good stuff...what's in this Southern Belle's bag?

When Meaghan first asked me to do The Purse Diaries, I immediately thought "Um, I'm going to need to clean that little guy out." And then my second thought was "Get real, you don't even know how to work your camera…. You'll be collagin' that bad boy." So, here we are!

Purse: Rebecca Minkoff Bombe 

1. Bobbi pins… every.where. 
2. Lifeline… or iPhone, it's whatever.
3. Headphones for listening to music at work and when walking in the city.
4. Target mini notepad collection to write down to-do lists and inspiration (aka: awkward things that happen to me for the sake of Awkward and Awesome Thursdays) 
5. 3 shades of the Bobbi Brown Sugar Collection. (Ruby Sugar, Kir Sugar, Rose Sugar)
6. Aveda hand relief… AMAZING
7. Can't go anywhere without my sunnies… If only they had a case in real life and weren't cracked, things would be good. 
8. This is indeed the wallet I have, but it looks nothing like that. Mine has receipts and all sorts of stuff flying out of the top in all directions. I tried to photo shop that in but it didn't quite work out. SO instead I'll pretend that I'm super organized and that my wallet zips perfectly with every thing neatly tucked inside. 
9. You're probably wondering what this little guy is doing in my purse…. as am I, considering I've been looking for this perfume for about a week. BUT we're being honest here, so Mac's Turquatic earns a spot at #9, kiddos. 
10. My favorite Pilot Precise pens… I buy them in bulk when I find them… and have a tendency to leave the caps on the wrong end… Nothing like pen murals inside your bag.
11. And more bobbi pins…. I think I could do a 12-20 post of just bobbi pins. 

A big hug to Meaghan for including me in this series! 


  1. HA-ha you dont want to know whats in my purse! Chaos. I love Aveda though, its seriously the best.


  2. Hahaha. This is basically my purse. Except mine is the poor version.

  3. LOL the collage looks great! I can't believe you have so many bobbi pins! I hardly ever use bobbi pins. They slide off my hair too easily. I always have an elastic band around my wrist though.

    I found your blog via Glamorous Petite. I'm a new follower and also an ex-Marylander!


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