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Outfit posts are one of my favorites to write for this blog. & in an effort to try to combine the two worlds I briefly spoke of yesterday, "workwear wednesday" is the latest & greatest to be found here, on a weekly basis. After hours & on weekends, I'm one of many wearing faux fur, sparkles, & an arm party heavy enough to sink the Titanic but during the weekday my attire is far more conservative & semi-formal. For a long time, I envied my friends that were able to wear their typical ensembles to the work place but I quickly discovered that even in a 'black suit' business world I could have a little fun, abide by the dress code & still be me. In short, on "workwear wednesday" I will post what I have actually worn to work. I'm hoping that other women in similar situations come to find this as a little piece of inspiration, perhaps, & will share their secrets of how they are able to stand out in this sea of black. 

For today, I leave you with a bit of inspiration. Next Wednesday the real fun begins :)

Images via Pinterest


  1. having great work attire is very classy!!


  2. I thought that second pic was you for a sec :)

  3. Meaghan! Site the actual photo sources, not Pinterest. Lawyered!

  4. I adore all these looks - and some of my fave bloggers too! :)


  5. The 3rd one is perfect. And I love the peter pan collar on that one dress.

  6. Can't wait to see next Wednesday's outfit! :)


  7. what a lovely post! I study full time and that's my plan for at least two more years... I'm so jealous of you girls, who have a job and therefore have to get dressed every morning and look so good! I hope I can try these beautiful outfits soon! xx

  8. Oh wow! WOWnderful inspiration!! :)

  9. I love this post! I'm a lawyer-by-day and though I live for glitter and leopard print, I dress way more conservatively during the week.
    Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.


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