30 before 30

Earlier this week, I stumbled upon what may quite possibly be the best unsolicited advice I have ever "received" from The Huffington Post. This HP article is a reprint & discussion of 30 things every woman should have and know by Glamour magazine. Let me just start by giving Glamour ultimate Kudos for this insightful & inspiring piece & HP some major internet high-fives for putting this on the interwebs. Not only is it true...it's...really true. & honestly it's an article about not being afraid to grow up. It's about finding the happy parts of getting a little older. So, thanks for that Glamour. Love you, back. Ready? Here we go...

WELL, I'm inspired, yet again, even though, yes, I have read this 12 times, made it my desktop background, & framed it in my bathroom. Normal. I can cross off a solid 23 items on this list. Score. I have 6 more years for 7 more life lessons slash semi-reasonable purchases.

[I have already received such amazing feedback from readers about this article. I'm so glad that something like this has such a positive & profound impact on today's woman. For more inspiration check out the book Glamour created from this list.]


  1. Holey moley. This really resonates with me on so many levels. I might even have to repost this to my blog and send a link your way!


    1. Absolutely. This is a list that every woman under 30 should have.

  2. I love this post - thanks so much for sharing!

    Big City Farm Girl

  3. I read this article a week or 2 ago and I LOVE it. It's so true, and I love that it puts a more positive spin on getting older instead of the negative connotation usually associated with turning the dreaded "30".

  4. I heard this was a great book!! I need to pick it up. I have 5 more years to check things off the list!!

  5. Love every.single.one! I am 33 years old and I can honestly say...I can cross most of these off my list! I don't think life actually starts at 30, but it sure has been better than my 20's. Such a great post and reminder!!

  6. thanks so much for sharing this! definitely gonna have to repost, frame, etc :)



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