pieces of me

Speaking of pieces of me...Remember when Ashlee Simpson was a musician? Let me jog your memory...Let's journey back from the pre-baby, Pete Wentz divorce era to the time of black hair, bad bangs, & screaming love ballads in the direction of Ryan Cabrera. You with me now? That girl got me through some rough times - oh, the tribulations of a 13 year old. Not only did I own her cd, I may or may not have started a fan club which consisted of me & my two best friends, a few dance parties, & some very close encounters with scissor-far-too-close-to-hair situations. Whilst surfing the interwebs last night I came across 'Pieces of Me' & decided to dust off my old Ashlee cd & rock out. Like it or not, the girl has some sweet jams that I still find myself jamming to in my mid-twenties. [Mid-twenties? Really!?] Spontaneous, nostalgic dance party on a Monday night. Solid.


  1. Love the wellie pic! I have that same pair! I totally remember Ashlee Simpson back then! Did you watch her show? I loved it! I'm almost positive I have that cd somewhere too. lol. I may just have to look for it!!

  2. Ha, I also used to rock out to Ashlee Simpson's music too. And I also thought it was really badass music at the time. Sometimes you can still catch me dancing to "La La" :)

    ps. Love your teal/cobalt heels

  3. Love love all the shoes! And I'm with you - not much better than a spontaneous, nostalgic dance party :)

  4. Love the pic with the Kony 2012 sticker :)


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