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Hi Bloggettess, I'm Ashlyn, the writer behind {let it be beautiful blog} + designer from {let it be beautiful designs} & I am super excited to participating in Meaghan's Purse Diaries series! Meaghan is one sweet girl & I am beyond blessed to have met her. & it doesn't hurt that we both have the same l o v e for hockey! #gocaps! ha but this lady keeps me on my toes & has the BEST advice every girl needs from what to wear to work, where to shop for vintage clothes to where to go eat a falafel waffle, which I have been craving ever since we went to get one! :] Anywho, you ladies ready to see what's in my bag? I have everything from blister band-aids to mini tweezers. So, here we go!

Thanks for having me Meaghan & you ladies be sure to stop by my blog & say hi :]

Missed the first [purse diaries] bag of the series? Check it out here.


  1. Your wallet is adorable, Ashlyn! And those are some of the cutest hair ties I've ever seen.

    xoxo, me

  2. Fun wallets and ipad cases are the best-- such fun accessories. So cute. X

  3. I keep a TON of lip gloss in my purse. It is rather ridiculous, actually!



  4. Haha I love all the little bags! Very cute!

  5. We love sneak peeks inside of other people's bags! Seeing how tidy Ashlyn's is reminds me that I need to clean mine out!! HA! ;)

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings


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