met gala 2012

So, I don't live in New York. Meh, who needs 'em. I have Vogue & their LiveStream. Nbd. It's so much more fun to throw popcorn, stare longingly, & drool over Valentino from the comfort of my own home. Sigh, Valentino. If only. Alright, let's get to the good stuff.

I give a solid 10 to Camilla Belle. A "get in my closet now" kind of 10. This gown is just it. It's elegant, it's classic, it's flattering, & it's appropriate. Well done, Camilla, well done.

Cameron came in a close second. To be fair, when does RZ not knock it out of the park with her clients? I love her, I love the dress, I love the elegant simplicity, I love it all.

Again, with a close call was Jessica Pare, or as I like to affectionately refer to her as Megan Draper. Rounding out my top three, I thought she looked absolutely stunning in this gold L'Wren Scott number. So stunning, in fact, that I want to rip it off of her & wear it to work tomorrow. Appropriate & rational. A girl can dream.

Hil Swank was on point as always in a gorgeous, timeless, flowing red Prada dress. Yes, please.

I can't decide if I love Carey Mulligan's frock or if she looks like a scaly fish swimming upstream. Help a sister out. [Side note: don't ever tell Prada I likened one of their masterpieces to a fish. Ever.]

Now onto the biggest fail of the night. Before we delve into this let me first preface with I am actually very fond of January Jones. I think she is beyond gorgeous, she's classic, & let's be honest she was the first Mrs. Draper. You can't go wrong. But she did. Oh, she did. I don't know who thought this was a good idea, executed it, & then let her out in public like this but they should be fired. Immediately. I don't particularly care for the neon yellow with her skin tone or the pale blue jewels she chose to 'complement' the dress. To make matters worse there are multiple finger print smears all over the reflective gold part of the dress. Cringe.

Finally, let's get real. I love me some Elizabeth Banks. I'm talking pre-Hunger Games, Invincible with Marky Mark Elizabeth Banks. She's ma gurl. But when she pranced across my screen, the words, "What the french toast" quite literally came out of my mouth. & then I saw her shoes. Crisis averted. What are your thoughts on this, ladies? Love it or leave it? [Obviously we're leaving the Loubs out of this mess]


  1. OMG. A few things... Camilla looks STUNNING. SO ridiculously stunning. I can't decide how I feel about Carey Mulligan's fish frock, but I'm leaning towards "dislike". I LOVE January Jones and her dress choice makes me sad. And Elizabeth Banks (sans the Loubs) - leave it. It's too much for me and I can't handle it. Back to being positive - Cameron Diaz does look amazing as well!

  2. I couldn't agree more. Elizabeth Banks, I love you! Why are you wearing a lamp shade from my grandma's basement on the red carpet?!


  3. Love all the gowns except those last 3! Bleh!!! I love Elizabeth Banks as well, but it looks like she stole some of her HG wardrobe!!!


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