friday favorites

long distance loving is hosting another blogger blitz in DC. Have you registered? Get to it!

John Frieda Secret Weapon
My holy grail during these brutally humid summer months in the city

Amy Sia Electric Haze iPhone case
Yes, please.

My Pintrest dream dress
If you can find this thing I will give you the best high five ever. Seriously. Ever.

ABC's Scandal
My favorite new guilty pleasure. Crime, the beautiful Kerry Washington, DC, politics, tailored fashion, & scandal. What's not to love?

Supportive friends
There's no better feeling than knowing your friends have your back no matter what. & for that I am truly blessed & thankful.
<3 D. E. S. B. L.

 Keep an eye out for my Derby pick, #Dullahan, tomorrow. I have faith he'll be making some moves. Happy Derby weekend!


  1. That Oprah quote is such a good piece of advice. And if you find out where that incredible dress is from, please share your knowledge because I would kill for that thing! I mean not literally, but you get my drift :)

  2. that dress = must have! so cute, i will help you find it. & i havent watched scandal yet but i have been DVRing it! can't wait to catch up.

    can't wait till this weekend.
    xx. ashlyn

  3. Such a cute dress! I swear by that secret weapon product, it works really well! love your blog :)



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