[monday must-haves] #frankenstorm essentials

There's a storm brewing & if you're anywhere near the east coast, you'll need to be prepared with at least Hunter Boots & a sturdy umbrella. This is what I plan to wear whilst fighting this freak storm in my canoe later today. Puppy & I plan to pack up some candles & soup & head to a galpal's for some #frankenstorm fun.

What are you #frankenstorm plans?

While I'm still trying to figure out this whole "bubble umbrella" thing, this bad boy is as sturdy as they come. & with predicted 75 mph winds that's something that I'm mildly interested in.

Just because there's a hurricane doesn't mean you can't look adorable.

Perfect for keeping that pesky cold rain out.

My most favorite utility coat. No hurricane is getting in this guy.

I mean...why not?

Your feet will be toasty warm & completely dry in these Hunters. Patting myself on the back today for investing in these.

For some extra warmth & a splash of color on this dreary day - I love these fuzzies.


  1. Have you noticed that the price of Hunters has gone up? We definitely bought at the right time!

  2. I could not survive without my Hunters! Such a great piece to invest in.


Go ahead. Make my day sparkle!

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